The Peršman Association

The Peršman Association has has been established in year 2001 in Klagenfurt|Celovec, with the aim of reminding the public about the contributions of the Austrian, especially Carinthia-Slovene resistance and to contribute to its scientific research. The Association partakes in discussions about the history of Nazism and the resistance against it, and consistently cooperates with many diffirent institutions and commemorative organisations worldwide. By means of varied projects, the association pursues to strengthen the civil courage in our society – it stands vehemently and publicly against radically right-wing and fascistic trends of the present. The Association particularly supports the future development and operation of the museum and the memorial at Peršman‘s in Eisenkappel – the only museum in Austria which reminds and teaches of the persecution and resistance history of the Carinthias-Slovenes in the times of national socialism.


The Peršman Association is a non-profit organisation of which revenue comes in exclusively from annual membership fees, donations and supports. Yearly membership totals 25 € for adults and 10 € for students, the unemployed or citizens partaking in the mandatory military or civil service. Donations for are very welcome!

Networks and supporters

The Peršman Association is a member of the Mauthausen Committee Austria and closely cooperates with platform, a project of the Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. Furthermore the association maintains close contacts with memorials, universities and other institutions worldwide. Without the support of national, European and international sponsors, the work of The Peršman Association would not be possible.  For the long lasting support and good cooperation we would specifically like to thank the following institutions: